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Work on the construction of the hybrid drive in a city bus has led to the solution shown in Fig. The main units are: hydropneumatic energy accumulators and a three-range variable-speed transmission with a parallel power flow.

The latter consists of: a planetary transmission with three simple series I, II, III, two clutches A and B which change over the ranges of ratio, a hydrostatic transmission with two machines a and b, and several toothed gears of constant axes. A change in the ratio in the hydromechanical variable-speed transmission is brought about by a change in the ratio in the hydrostatic transmission. The following configurations are possible: in range I-the connection of the hydrostatic transmission to the remaining part of the parallel system by means of a constant transmission at the output, and in ranges II and III-with the internal connection [1,2].

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The method of connection of the hydrostatic branch to the mechanical one affects curves of Fot. Hybrid Variable transmission test rig. The microprocessor control system, Fig. Standstill realisation of control of the transmission 1. The control system switched off. No tasks through control of the hydrostatic are performed in the system.

The bus is transmission.

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The introduction of a variable- parked in a bus depot or at a terminus. The control system switched on. Direct consumption by approx. In view of the 3. Charging the accumulators while parking.

The conception of return valve z1when the engine is such cooperation allowing the realisation of running. In the comparator, comp 1 the any cycle of driving in the city bus verified selection of the maximum pressure values in experimentally of Rexroth transmission.

In the accumulators is made. During the principle, the combustion engine performs the vehicle standstill?

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A schematic diagram of the power transmission system and curre's course of the basic parameters of the hydrostatic transmission Until the pressure in the low-pressure II. Driving accumulator reaches a value of 3 MPa, the 1. The vehicle is powered by a combustion comparator, comp 2 will not switch on switch engine only 'conventional drive'.

Switch A, thereby the control system is disconnected. A the angular velocity? M in the combustion signal of the set speed of the vehicle is engine governor and switches bentonite clay luty pierderi recenzii switch 6worked out in the unit of control of signals.

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The signal of reached in the high-pressure accumulator, the the set speed, through the matching system comparator, comp 3disconnects the and switch 4is also conveyed to the system.

In the combustion engine governor combustion engine governor. Hybrid bentonite clay luty pierderi recenzii. The connections in the control and the angular velocity?

The phases of 6 to the deflection circuit of the disk. A schematic diagram of the controll system for the prototype variable-speed transmission and hydropneumatic energy accumulators and II.

Below the set value of the pressure, the comparator, comp 3 will turn 1. Pawelski Z. Napêd hybrydowy dla autobusu on switches 3 and 5 and send the signal miejskiego. Wydawnictwo Politechniki £ódzkiej, to the engine governor, thereby allowing the Monografia nr While 2. Wydawnictwo Politechniki £ódzkiej, governor RII. Monografia nr Petrin Drumea1Prof.

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Corneliu Cristescu1Assoc. The first part is dedicated to the presentation of the device together with the adopted technical solutions and the principle of measurement. Furthermore, in order to dimension the device force transducer, a preliminary numerical investigation is developed to predict the friction forces in the seals.

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Finite element commercial software and the inverse hydrodynamic lubrication IHL theory are used to compute the friction force variation versus the rod speed, for different fluid viscosities.

Keywords : hydraulic seal, experimental device, numerical simulation, inverse hydrodynamic lubrication, hydraulic cilinders, tribological behaviour, friction forces, seals.

This computation EHL problem in hydraulic elastomeric seals gives the static contact pressure in the contact. Mainly, two different Furthermore, it is supposed that the static techniques are used: classical EHL theory contact pressure is bentonite clay luty pierderi recenzii by the based on the Reynolds equation coupled with hydrodynamic pressure.

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This method, called the elastic behaviour of the seal by the mean the inverse hydrodynamic lubrication IHL of compliance matrix and the inverse theory, presents a very quick alternative in hydrodynamic lubrication IHL theory. When the classical EHL theory is used, the However, the results are highly dependant on Reynolds equation is solved in order to find the the precision of the preliminary finite element pressure field as a function of the film computation.

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In order to avoid this problem, a thickness. Moreover, the pressure field new method that consists in a correction of the modifies the seal deformation and IHL results by the classical direct theory has consequently the film thickness.

An iterative been presented in reference [14]. Several authors way in which elastomeric seals work and to employed this method to characterise the validate the different numerical model, the behaviour of different hydraulic elastomeric development of an experimental device has seals []. The second method, employed in been decided.

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The first part of the paper shows references [10] to [13], suppose that pressure the design of the test bench. The general field in the contact is known and the film principle and the technical solutions adopted thickness is searched.


Presentation of the technical solution It is shown that in order to choose program sala slabit load and the principle of measurement sensor, a preliminary numerical investigation of the seal behaviour is necessary.

The main element of the experimental device is represented by the technical solution found 2. This experimental device is conceived replacement of the rod 30 min arde grăsime head sealing, purposefully for working by mounting it on a figure 1, with one double sealed guidance stand which provides operational strokes. The basic requirement taken into figure2.

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For reaching all these pre requisites, it was conceived a scheme of operation which represented the groundwork for projecting the diete de slabit device presented below: Fig.

That is why it is assumed that the friction force, between a fitting and a rod, represent, approximately, half of the force measured at the rod by the force transducer. Taking this into account for a proper gauging before projecting the experimental device, was necessary the use of the mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of the process of sealing the rods of the hydraulic cylinders, presented below.

Presentation of the experimental device The experimental device, figure 3, operates in vertical position, the rod 1 being fixed and Fig. Downside, the rod crosses the cylinder CHS of one existing stand, this double sealed bush 5 assembled by means provides the motion of the cylinder liner of a nut 6from the used cylinder, by its liner together with the double sealed bush, up and 7.

Implications of minerals in the functions of rhizosphere is given, firstly, by the influence of certain mineralogical components clay minerals and Al and Fe-sesquioxides on the soil structure and on the setting of soil particle and structmal elements. This influence is active at the level of all mots functions. Mobility and availability of nutrients în the rhizosphere perimeter must be considered as complex function conditioned by the mineral components interactions with the other soil components organics and organisms. The effects of interactions between soil minerals and roota are influenced by the nature and characteristics of both, mineralogical components and exudates of the root system. Key words: rhizosphere, clay minerals-roots interactions, Al, Fe sesquioxides-roots interactions.

The cylinder liner is used just for down. The rod of the cylinder, which passes supporting the double sealed bush and for through the double sealed bush, is immobile, making pace necessary for performing the which eliminate the risk of additional inertial operational strokes of the cylinder rod.

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Downside, the cylinder liner is connected to In order to eliminating other additional forces the mobile rod 8 of one the hydraulic cylinder, of binding, bowing etc the following of the existing stand where will be mounted, conditions must be fulfilled: by means of a connection part 9 and of a nut