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Descriere Primal Fat Burner Popular nutritionist Nora Gedguadas returns with advice that may sound counterintuitive: eat fat to burn fat.

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In Primal Fat Burner she explains the benefits and science behind a ketogenic or fat-burning diet, which switches your metabolism from a dependence on sugar to running on healthy fats. As Gedgaudas reveals, numerous studies in recent years refute the long-promoted anti-saturated fat and anti-cholesterol agenda.

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Now Gedgaudas explains the science that fat isn't a 'no-no' but rather a 'yes-yes' — if you know the right kinds of fats to eat. In her accessible, enjoyable style, she also lays out a practical meal plan with recipes. When you follow a ketogenic diet, you consume fewer calories overall!

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Author of the bestselling Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter writes in his foreword that Primal Fat Burner is 'wonderfully actionable, compassionately taking the reader from "why" to "how.

Because fat is so satisfying, you naturally wind up eating less — without feelings of hunger or deprivation.

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And natural flame fat burner fat is ultimately key to optimum health and longevity. Gedgaudas communicates a real appreciation for and understanding of the central role that dietary fat plays in your body and brain, and explains how you can eat to feel better, look better, think clearer and live longer.

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